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How to Concentrate on Studying

Picture the scene, it’s finals time, everyone around you is studying & getting ready for their extremely important exams, but you just can’t seem to focus on your studies. The panic begins to set in, because you really need to do well in these exams. Everyone around you seems to be working extra hard, always in the library, always revising, always working. But you just don’t seem to have the motivation.


If you’re desperate to learn how to concentrate on studying, you don’t need to despair. It isn’t as hard as you think. In fact it is surprisingly easy. Most of those people you think are studying hard are actually doing just as bad as you think you are. They might look like they’re working, but they are probably doing it all wrong. There are actually a few slightly more uncommon tips that will allow you to learn how to concentrate on studying in a much more effective way. Here are five of the best.


1 – Don’t Go To The Library


99% of students follow the exact same strategy. They will go to the library with their textbooks, try to read them, get distracted, and probably not do much work.


This is such a big mistake, going to the library is one of the worst things you can do if you struggle with concentrating on your studying. There are so many distractions in the library. You might see friends from your course, and end up wasting time chatting to them. There is also so many people coming and going that you are distracted watching what is going on around you. You will notice that six hours has gone by, and you haven’t actually done anything.


The real trick is to go somewhere quiet, that doesn’t have any distractions. Be it a quiet corner of your house if possible, or maybe even a private study room at your College or University.


2 – Use The Pomodoro Technique


This revolutionary technique is absolutely ideal when it comes to studying effectively. It breaks your time up into manageable chunks. The concept is simple, you do 25 minutes of work, followed by a five minute break. After doing four of these, you then take a longer half hour break. This allows your mind to stay focused on the task, and also makes your study sessions not seem quite so overwhelmingly long.


Businesses around the world have taken up the pomodoro technique for their staff, as it massively increases efficiency. More info on the pomodoro technique is here –


3 – Don’t Just Rewrite The Textbook


Another fatal flaw that many students do is just simply rewriting the textbook. It may seem like this is a great way to study, but the reality is that you are not actually concentrating, you are just making it look like you are. You won’t take in any of the actual details, you will just mindlessly rewrite what is in the book.


Concentrating on what the book says (using the techniques in this article), and repeating it to yourself until you are sure that you understand is a much better system.


4 – Eat Healthy Foods


Students eat junk food, this is a fact. The problem is that junk food is terrible for helping you concentrate. It will make you feel groggy, slow, and unfocused. One of the easiest ways you can hugely increase your concentration levels is by switching your diet to much more healthy options. Eat brain foods like bananas, and watch your concentration levels soar.


5 – Think About What You Want To Achieve


While the usual advice when it comes to how to concentrate on studying is to only think about the task at hand, it might also be useful to think about the future. Think about what you want to achieve in your life, and what you need to do to get there. This focus on your future should help you concentrate on your studying today.